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Spend every season on the snow or take the mother of all gap years to make your mates jealous - The Winter Sports Company has what you are looking for. Make sure your career or gap year kickstarts on the right path, we offer a free 1hr consulatation to ensure you get the right course and don't waste your time or money. With courses and internships starting from 3 weeks to our flagship 18-week multi resort Snow Academy programs, you will find something for you. Operating in 6 different countries. Ditch your previous life and replace it with back to back seasons in the mountains.


BASI, CASI, CSIA, NZSIA, SBINZ, Ski Patrol, Avalanche, CADS, Park

Ski Instructor Courses



CSIA Levels 1, 2 & 3 – Sun Peaks Resort, 3 - 18 week courses available, Sun Peaks Resort, Revelstoke & Panorama Mountain Resort, including Heli-skiing, Canada

NZSIA Levels 1 & 2 – 10 weeks, Queenstown, NZ

BASI Switzerland Levels 1 & 2- 10 weeks, Verbier.

CSIA Level 1, 2 , 3 Hakuba, Japan

Snowboard Instructor Courses


CASI Levels 1, 2 & 3 – Sun Peaks Resort, 3 - 18 week courses available, Sun Peaks Resort, Canada

CASI 1 & 2, 11 weeks, Including Heli-boarding - Panorama Mountain Resort, Canada

SBINZ Levels 1 & 2 – 10 weeks, Queenstown, NZ

BASI Switzerland Levels 1 & 2- 10 weeks, Verbier.

CASI Level 1, 2 , 3 Hakuba, Japan

Do you Ski and Snowboard? Become dual qualified or gain specialist qualifications with our Ski Patrol Program We can arrange for this to happen in one season! – just give us a call to discuss a bespoke training programme!

Ski/Snowboard Patrol Courses


Become a lifesaver! Our unique, all-inclusive Ski Patrol Courses provide all the skills and practical experience necessary to work in emergency response as a ski patroller anywhere in the world. Ski Patrol training can be taken independently or run alongside an instructor course. Don’t be put off by the name – snowboarders make excellent patrollers too!

Ski/Snowboard Instructor Internships


Train and qualify as a level 1 ski or snowboard instructor and get paid $17-24 ph. 15-30 hours per week for the rest of the season working for the snow school! Internship placements are available in Sun Peaks Resort, Panorama Mountain Resort, Hidden Valley & Fairmont Hot Springs. Canada and Queensland, New Zealand. To apply for one of our coveted internships, get in touch and arrange a call to see if you are eligible.

Where to go from here

We offer free advice-so make use of our 1hr consultations without obligation to book. Once you’ve qualified with us, get access to our address book, guidance about the best options for you, advice on a killer CV, and priority notice for job positions. We do all we can to help you find a job. Get that 2nd string to your bow in case that post-uni job doesn't materialise, with an internationally recognised certificate in your hand that enables you to work all over the world!

Work back-to-back seasons in New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Europe and Canada. If you’re looking at doing a course during your gap year, we have experience placing our instructors during university breaks at Christmas and Easter – you’ll never have to pay for a ski or snowboarding trip again!

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BASI Ski Instructor Course Verbier Switzerland

GAP YEAR, CAREER START-UP & CAREER BREAK SPECIALISTS Live the ski dream - a season of living and training in Verbier- the top Swiss ski resort. Yo

  • £9250 | CHF10,700
  • Provided
Snowboard Instructor Courses

Snowboard Instructor Courses GAP YEAR, CAREER START-UP & CAREER BREAK SPECIALISTS Live the boarding dream - a season living in a resort, training

6 countries
  • From £3900
  • Provided

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