Cleaning / Plongeur Jobs

Cleaning / Plongeur Jobs

Cleaning / Plongeur Jobs

"Plongeur" is French for "diver," but the word is used in ski resorts (and generally in the French restaurant trade to describe dish washers). Plongeurs in reality do much of the menial work in restaurants, big chalet and ski hotel kitchens. These days you tend to here job descriptions like KP (Kitchen Porter) etc but expect to be doing a lot of dishes and a bit of everything else!

The job has little client contact, is not highly paid and you will get roped into all the snow clearing, carrying and fetching jobs that nobody else wants to do, but after getting shouted at by chefs and washing thousands of pots you’ll be glad of the distraction. The benefits are zero stress and plenty of time on the slopes.

If a career path is what you are looking for this is also a good entry level job from which many reps, resort managers and even operations staff emerge. If it’s just a season with little responsibility and plenty of boarding / skiing that you are looking for this is the ideal job if you can graft and work well in a team.

Oyster spa Listing
Hotel and Spa work in Whistler Blackcomb

Oyster offers you the opportunity to work in the world famous resort of Whistler Blackcomb where the philosophy really is ‘work hard, play hard’!With

  • Earn approx $20/£10 per hour. Participation fee £2195
  • Provided

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