Ski resort rep jobs

Reps in any holiday business are the main point of contact in resort for paying clients. You will be expected to troubleshoot problems, deal with difficult requests and usually sell ‘in resort extras’ like après ski events, which you will normally have to organise and run as well. Day to day duties will include running airport transfers on change over days (can be a very very long day), organise ski and board hire, and ensure that chalet staff have everything they need.

Some companies will require you to accompany guests whilst skiing and snowboarding, people seem to either love or hate this part of the job. Although there is normally a minimum standard required to participate, you can find yourself waiting around a lot and wearing a rut in the same old routes around the resorts. Others enjoy the customer contact as much as being out on the slopes getting paid to go skiing or snowboarding. As long as the clients feel that you are interested and not just doing the minimum this part of the job can be an integral part of a customer’s holiday. ‘Guiding’ as it’s still known has been a contentious issue with ski schools especially in France. Even to the ludicrous point where there have been some arrests of British ski reps, suspected of illicit instructing, by resort police. You must never take any group off-piste and this will be drummed into you on training. The bit most people enjoy is taking people for lunch in mountain restaurants, because you usually can negotiate your own meal for free (or quite often the clients pay for you).

Not so glamorous duties, especially during the early stages of the season will usually include driving around moving things, clearing snow (if you are lucky enough to have early snow to clear!), picking people up from airports, collecting local information and setting up chalets and crèches (usually the basement of a chalet). See the ‘early season’ guide for advice on this part of your season.

Apart from going out with groups, reps can struggle to find the time to get out on the hill. Chalet reps over the season normally get more time to themselves. However, working as a rep can be challenging and fun. You will also get plenty of free meals and benefits due to your influence over where clients will spend their money.

Pick the right company to apply with

The following is a testimonial to the professionalism of Powder Byrne, and contains a few good reasons to get a job with a decent tour operator in advance. Apart from the cost savings, with a good company you will be looked after in case of injury or sickness. Ali worked as a ski guide in Switzerland:

"I did just want to pass along a sincere thank you for the opportunity I had both peak weeks working for Powder Byrne in Flims. Definitely some sound memories I will not forget, with pictures to keep reminding me! The support that was also there for me when I did my knee in right at the start of Easter peak week was fantastic. There are few places I would have felt such support, I am one month post-operation and things are starting to really pick up. Still a long haul ahead, but I should be 100% by the coming ski season. It was great getting an update from PB and seeing the pictures from the party. Looked like it was quite the party and I wish I could have been there."

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