Is a ski season right for me?

Most people who get out and work a ski season are between the ages of 18 and 35 but just about any age group, from a blend of backgrounds can be found working on the slopes.

Undergraduates and students with a free year, people looking to have a year out at the end of their studies, and people who have decided to have a year or three out of their career make up most of this number. There are also many jobs for the recently retired and career breakers in their forties, fifties and beyond. If you are comfortable being abroad and are open minded in your approach to different cultures, you are likely to meet like minded people whatever you do. If you find it difficult to trust new people and are not prepared to quickly embrace new situations and customs then you are more likely to have a nightmare.

You're not on holiday

A great many people who go and work in summer and winter holiday resorts do so because they have been on that type of holiday themselves. Don't be fooled by the relaxed demeanour of the reps (hopefully!); you only remember the good bits, and if the reps are any good at their job you won't see the more difficult aspects displayed openly. Whatever you do just remember that it is not a holiday, ever, and you will need to be prepared to be flexible and work hard under pressure. That said, when you do get a bit of time off, you couldn't be in a better place to enjoy yourself.

Retirees and career breakers

You don't have to be a student to go and work a season or longer time abroad, far from it. Many of the most capable season workers are ‘career breakers,' early retirers and those who have never had a career to speak of at all but fancied a change. People of any age can make the decision to go off and do something different for a season. Many of the constraints commonly assumed to be stopping people getting out to see a bit more of the world are not the obstacles they first seem.

Working in a steady British or Irish based career can become tedious. Watching your week tick away is de-motivating and the pressures of targets and deadlines can turn into stress. The very reasons you are there at all can be depressing in themselves. Bored of talking about work in the pub? If it has ever crossed your mind to go working in a happier climate, and broaden your horizons beyond than the confines of career life then have a good look through this website; there will be something to suit you. The experience and strengthened outlook on life you gain will enhance your cv and help you get a better job when you get home. The experience may even change your perspective to the extent that you change direction completely. You will never know if you don't try and remember most people regret not having done things rather than regret having failed trying.

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