Summer Camp Activity Leader Jobs

The Summer Camp Activity leader role is an active role that requires a level of creativity and adaptability. From traditional outdoor sports to creative pursuits like arts and crafts or talent shows, these leaders must adapt to a variety of interests and abilities. This section tends to carry jobs from International Summer Schools in the UK and Europe, you might want to look at the Camp Counsellor page for the USA based job roles.

Every summer, the air is filled with excitement as children from diverse corners of the globe gather for a transformative experience at international Summer camps all over the world. Within the laughter, cultural exchange, and the formation of friendships, the Activity Leader plays a pivotal role in the multitude of activities that make the summer camp experience unforgettable.

You will usually be responsible for the following as an activities leader at an international summer school camp.

  • Activity planning and delivery to students making the sessions fun and engaging.
  • Safety and welfare of all young people participating in the camp.
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment by designing and adjusting activities based on the needs and dynamics of the group.
  • Be flexible and adaptable to changes in schedule or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Demonstrate positive leadership qualities and serve as a role model for students.
  • Assisting with arrivals and departures of students each week
  • Use feedback to make improvements and adjustments for future activities.
  • Maintain open communication with fellow camp leaders, staff, and camp management to address any issues promptly.

If you are looking for a career path, The Activity Leader role at a summer camp can be an excellent entry-level job with numerous benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth. You'll have the chance to take on a range of roles and responsibilities. Leading activities and guiding allow you to demonstrate and develop leadership qualities.

Camp Counselor & Activity Specialist - USA

Camps are looking for people with varying experiences and skill levels in both teaching activities and more general childcare settings. An activity sp

United States
United States
  • Minimum $2,000 for 9 weeks
  • Provided
Junior Centre
Excursion and Residential Team Members

Severnvale Academy is recruiting a number of roles for our Summer Camp (6 weeks).  We provide English language courses for 13-17 year old's who visit

  • £600-700 per week, plus holiday pay
  • Optional (Price :Included for residential positions)
Ramsgate staff vacancies 2
Senior Activity Leader - Summer 2024

Job Title: Senior Activity Leader (SAL) Line Manager: Activity Manager (AM)Pay Rate: £545  per week + 12.07% holiday pay.  Salary is paid weekly in ar

  • 545 p/w
  • Provided

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