An i-to-i TEFL qualification can take you worldwide!

Monday 17 August 2015

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Since we were founded in 1994, we've sent over 155,000 TEFL teachers overseas as they've found their dream jobs in all corners of the globe.  Considering the fact our courses have been built in line with leading language employers, it would make perfect sense that recruiters are actively seeking TEFL teachers who got qualified with i-to-i.

Are you looking to fund your travels by teaching?  Or perhaps you want to settle in a particular country and teach English?  Either way, you can put a TEFL qualification with i-to-i to full use.  We'd recommend either our 120hour online course, or our 140hour course which includes an additional 20 hour classroom course to help you gain some teaching experience.  Once you've completed your course, you could literally be working ANYWHERE in the world, just like these i-to-i TEFL grads...

"A year and a half ago, I came to Granada in Spain.  I have a partner, I work not only as an English teacher in a fantastic academy, but also as a theatre teacher in a private school.  I have a lovely house and fantastic life!!  I love teaching and my students are great - I am the happiest I have ever been, thank you i-to-i!!!" - Annie, TEFLs in Spain

"It all happened so quickly: I applied for a job in Taiwan on the Wednesday, got the job on the Saturday and was out here by Thursday.  To everyone thinking of doing a TEFL course, the doors it can open for you are just amazing - English teachers are so well-respected and sought after, you can literally go wherever you like and start a new life!" - Sophie, TEFLs in Taiwan

"I’d always had a yearning to teach others and impart knowledge to those that really want it – it’s so rewarding to see people succeed.  Buenos Aires is rich in culture and history, and the people I’ve met are absolutely fantastic.  There is so much demand for English here – I’m glad I completed i-to-i’s 140hour course.  I’m extremely happy: I love this part of the world – and teaching English of course!" - Michael, TEFLs in Argentina

So why not join them?  Get TEFL-qualified with i-to-i and be number 155,001 to teach abroad with your dream job!

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