Windsurfing instructor courses

From quiet lakes to choppy ocean shorelines there are different styles and levels of difficulty to windsurfing. Start as a beginner or learn to earn with a windsurfing instructors course and kickstart or further your watersports career. On completion of a windsurfing instructors course you can look for windsurfing instructor jobs with adventure and watersports centres in the UK or abroad.

A trainee windsurfing instructor will learn both the theory and practical elements of the sport and gain a qualification that can help find seasonal jobs all over the world.

On a typical course you will learn to prepare the kit, give shoreside instructions, teach on-the-water, debrief at the end of your session and pack away the kit. The life of a windsurf instructor involves physical work and days can be long, but the beach is your office, you’re often working in the sunshine and teaching a sport you love to your students. Good luck!

Watersports Instructor Training

UKSA’s 13 week Watersports Instructor Training course best suits those who love working outdoors and want to propel themselves from a hobby or passion

  • £3,995 (funding opportunities available) - guaranteed job interview
  • Provided

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Watersports Instructor Training

UKSA’s Watersports Instructor Training is a customised, comprehensive training package that will provide you with the skills you need to start your career in the watersports industry.

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