Backpacker bus and coach tours

Backpacker Bus Tours are normally hop-on, hop off – meaning that you are not usually “stuck” on a rigid schedule, you can get on and off the bus (along a pre-determined route) as you please for a fixed duration.

The bus tours also travel between hostels which takes away a lot of hassle for you. The best thing about backpacker bus tours vs public transport are the local pointers and knowledge the tour company should be able to provide en route. Tours in most countries are segregated by age group as well so you should be travelling with a young crowd.

Planning in a festival or event based tour can be great fun on your backpacking travels or gap year. There are many companies that do tours to major events like Anzac Day and the Bull Running in Pamplona. Choosing a tour company to book your visit with will also help you discover some of the quirkier events and give you a unique travel experience off the beaten track.

MacBackpackers do 3 to 5 day tours of the Scottish Highlands and Islands for 18 to 39 year olds from and back to Edinburgh for around £250 which is a very cheap and easy way to see the best of Scotland. Or if you are travelling in New Zealand you might want to have a look at the snow sports tours Haka put on.

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Take a look at an atlas, and work out the order you want to visit the destinations in. For example, London to New York to Sydney to Bangkok to Capetown to London.

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