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Many companies employ river guides, kayak and canoe instructors, divers, winsurf instructors and experts in just about any kind of watersports that you can think of. Look for PGL and Acorn Adventure in Europe and in the UK, Sunsail for sailing instructors in Greece and Turkey and jobs on boats in the Med.

Jobs at watersports camps and centres can encompass such jobs as instructor, youth leader, coach, or support staff. In this guide we concentrate on pure watersports jobs. For info on working in a support role at a centre have a look at the relevant guide from the main search page. You could end up working for PGL or Acorn in France or the UK. Maybe for an operator like Neilson further afield; with senior managers and a large team Don't ignore the option of working with a small team 'sub contracted' out to a company like centre Parks (see companies like In2Action). If you are qualified to a resonable standard you will have little problem finding work abroad in this area.

The AALA (Adventure Activities Licensing Authority) - If you are going to work in a centre in the UK see if they are registered properly with this organisation. The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority is an independent, cross-departmental public authority, funded by the Department of Education and Skills, and operating under the written guidance of the Health and Safety Commission. In effect it is an independent watchdog on the delivery of outdoor adventure activities for young people. The aim of the Licensing Scheme is to provide assurances to the public about the safety of those activity providers who have been granted a Licence. In this way it is hoped that young people can continue to enjoy exciting and stimulating activities outdoors without being exposed to avoidable risks of death or disabling injury.

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