Summer Work America

Summer Work America

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Make your summer full of stars and stripes on our popular Work America programme. Our applications are now open for 2018!

What is Work America?

Well, it's hugely popular for a reason. Work America offers you the fantastic opportunity to work in an ordinary job in an extraordinary location. Roll on 2018, where you could be serving delicious mains in Maine, working in an ultra cool All-American diner in North Carolina or popping corks in a hip bar in New York.

Who is eligible for Work America?

The programme is available for full-time university students enrolled at a UK university as a once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on the golden J1 visa, and we promise it's worth it. You'll come back home from a perfect summer with best friends and best memories for life. 

What happens after my summer job finishes?

Just like our Summer Camp USA programme, you get up to 30 days of travel afterwards to explore every mile of the USA. So grab your mates and hit the road, adventure awaits.  

Click 'apply now' to find out more info on Work America. Time to grab a slice of that American pie!

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