Sailing Instructor 2022 USA

Sailing Instructor 2022 USA

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Sailing Instructor jobs at American summer camps.

FireSide Camps are the ONLY specialist in outdoor adventure jobs at summer camps in America.

Fancy a fleet of boats, a huge lake and a team around you to help teach sailing all summer long?

We are looking for both qualified and/or experienced sailing instructors to spend their summer in the upper midwest teaching sailing.

You'll be responsible for

  • the safety of your campers, staff and yourself
  • writing lesson plans and ensuring campers knowledge and ability progresses 
  • teaching pre-sailing classroom lessons
  • teaching from a power boat and from a dinghy
  • maintaining the boats
  • following the local weather to ensure safety
  • overseeing other sailing staff

You'll LOVE sailing and everything about it. You'll know your points of sailing and dream about knots. You'll have a sixth sense when it comes to the weather changing, and you'll be able to read the lake like a book.

Throughout the summer you'll sailing classes with a team of staff there to support you. You'll have accommodation and food covered, time off to explore the local area and up to 30 days (your choice) to travel at the end of the summer - National Parks, cities, beaches or where you fancy.

We secure you a fair wage ($2,275) and support you throughout the process. 

Don't delay, apply to be a Sailing Instructor with Fireside Camps today!

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Fireside Camps
  • Vacancy: Sailing Instructor 2022 USA
  • Category: Sailing, Dinghy , Working with children
  • Dates: Summer 2022
  • Salary: $2275
  • Locations:
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