Teach in Nepal and Trek in the Himalayas

Teach in Nepal and Trek in the Himalayas

Placement Details

Oyster has been sending gap year and career break volunteer teachers to Nepal since 2001. We work with schools that are based in villages in the Kathmandu Valley that are a short journey from the vibrant Kathmandu city.

After the earthquake in April, Nepal is a country that is in re-build mode. The projects and families that we work with need the work of our volunteers more than ever. If you are considering a gap year and career break and want to truly make a difference, Nepal is the place to be. 

The Teaching

Our priority is to make sure that you are working in a school where you can make a real contribution to school life and to children’s lives. In most of the schools, you will have the option of teaching primary and secondary age children. The teaching medium in all of the placements is English. Your ability to speak and write good English is therefore a huge asset. Much of your teaching time will be spent teaching English, although past volunteers have taught a range of subjects including Art, English Literature and Geography.

A large part of your time will be spent organising extra curricular activities for the children. Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own interests with them to Nepal, be that sport, music, drama or art (one volunteer even taught a whole village how to juggle!). The children will be fascinated by your skills (however basic you feel they might be!) and will be very keen to learn from you.


You can expect to live with a local Nepali family close to the school where you will be volunteering. The accommodation is basic, homely and comfortable. Living with a family is the best way to really immerse yourself into the culture and not simply be a tourist passing through. As a member of the family, if there is a wedding or other family gathering, expect to be invited along (and often be the guest of honour!). Food is provided for you whilst you are with the family. 

The Trips - all included!

Not only will you enjoy life living in the Kathmandu Valley, we have also arranged a series of trips to get you out and about, seeing the country and learning more about the fascinating culture of this region. Our representative in Nepal has designed a package of trips for volunteers to do whilst in the country. We include:

  • 10 day Himalayan trek, 
  • 2 day white water rafting trip
  • We also offer an optional 4 night yoga retreat for £220

Oyster Support

On application, you will be contacted by Jon, our experienced Destination Manager, who will be able to answer any questions that you have. We will arrange a suitable time for you to have a one to one informal interview either at our office or over the phone. At this stage, we will show you lots of photos and tell you all about the project in more detail. About 3 months before departure we will invite you to a pre-departure course where you will meet the rest of your group and find out far more detail about your flights,  the project, how to stay healthy and safe and, importantly, how to teach!

On arrival in Kathmandu, you will be met by our Representative, Basant, at the airport and given a thorough orientation course. Basant has been the Oyster Rep since 2001 and gets to know our volunteers really well. He will become a helpful friend to you and be able to help you with any problems you might have during your programme.

The Cost

For 16 weeks including trips, accommodation, food and support throughout, the cost is £3835. Including return flights from London to Kathmandu, the cost is £4535. 

  • Placement Information 

  • Company: Oyster Worldwide
  • Vacancy: Teach in Nepal and Trek in the Himalayas
  • Category: Childcare, Schools & Education, Teaching English
  • Dates: Flexible start dates throughout the year. Join a group in January or September.
  • Cost: From £3835 for 16 weeks inc. accommodation, food and trips
  • Support in place: Full support from our experienced Destination Manager in the UK before departure and then from our local Representative when in-country
  • Age limit: 18+
  • Included with this placement
    • Airport Pickup
    • Accommodation
    • Food
    • Company Representative
  • Locations:
    • Nepal
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