Hospitality Job and Learn French in Tremblant

Hospitality Job and Learn French in Tremblant

Job Details

Tremblant is best defined as the ‘larger-than-life playground’ while situated in the breath taking scenery of Canada. Oyster offers the opportunity for you to work in the beautiful location on a good wage while also improving French language skills.

We have been sending people to Tremblant since 2006 and our participants have been working in bars, restaurants and hotels in a number of roles. You will have the full support of our team in the UK (including a pre-departure course) and our representative in Tremblant who will be a helpful friend to you.

We have a number of entry-level vacancies available at the Canadian resort of Tremblant for the coming summer, where there tends to be plenty of hours worth of work due to the area being a popular tourist attraction for both the Canadian public and those coming from overseas. Entry-level positions typically include 'back of house jobs' such as cleaning, washing up and food preparation. If you can speak French there may be an opportunity to work 'front of house'.

Canadian employers are proud of their reputation for high levels of customer service. All of our participants must expect to be employed in an entry level position. This gives employers the opportunity to see, first hand, how you perform. If you impress your boss, and learn enough French to converse easily, you may well be moved into different roles within the establishment. In the past, we have had people running a deli counter and speaking French all day long!

Standards are high in Canada and you’ll be expected to be punctual, smart and polite. If you don’t mind working hard you’ll have a great time – both at work, where you will be part of a busy team, and in the resort itself. The attitude in Canada really is ‘Work hard, Play hard’! By accepting a place offered by Oyster, you will be guaranteed a job and accommodation as long as you can provide a clean Police Certificate and Work Permit.

The programme requires you to have a Canadian Working Holiday Permit (the IEC). We can assist in helping you apply for this. Permits are released at the beginning of each year. Permits for 2017 have almost run out. If you already have a work permit, and want to get involved, do get in touch.

The good news is that we are taking applications for the following summer (2018 and 2019). Apply now to take advantage of our advice and support. The earlier you book, the greater chance you will have of securing the IEC Work Permit.

The Pay

If the work sounds appealing then you can expect to earn a good wage that is above the Canadian minimum wage. Most participants find the wage enough to be able to live comfortably, have a great social life and even save money for when they have finished the placement.

Things to Do in Tremblant

Visit a number of: Lakes, Rivers, National Parks and Canyons.

Partake in a number of activities, where you are able to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors: Hiking, Golf, Rock Climbing, Horse Riding, Zip-lines, Biking, Rafting, Water Sports, Nature Watching, Camping, Events (Experience the thrill of the Ironman competitions – ahigh pointof the season) and much more.


Oyster will secure good quality accommodation for you and your group in rented Condo’s (flats) and houses. You’ll live in a town a short bus ride from Tremblant. This is the best accommodation that we use anywhere in the world. All accommodation is self catering with cooking facilities provided and you should expect to share a room. Participants pay for accommodation whilst in Tremblant. This is great value and works out to be approximately C$400 per month (roughly £300)

What do I get for my money?

Oyster will arrange a job for you, help you organise your Work Permit, organise return flights and make sure there is good accommodation ready for when you arrive. You will also have the support of our in country rep, who will meet you at the Airport, and be a helpful friend throughout your time in Tremblant. Before departure we will interview and brief you on a one to one basis. About 2 months before departure we hold a pre departure briefing where you will meet the rest of the group that you will travel with and will be told all about your job, flights and visa. In most cases, participants are paid every 2 weeks. You do need to pay for your accommodation, but it works out at a very reasonable rate!

You spend 3 months in Tremblant with all this and more for just £2795 and this price includes return flights from London to Montreal!

  • Job Information 

  • Company: Oyster Worldwide
  • Vacancy: Hospitality Job and Learn French in Tremblant
  • Category: Bar Work, Cleaning Jobs, Waiting Staff
  • Dates: June to September every year
  • Salary: Participation fee from £1995 for 3 months (excludes flights). You will be paid approx. £5.50 per hour.
  • Locations:
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