Snow Ranger

Monday 06 July 2015

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My name is Tommy and I have worked for Esprit for the last 8 seasons starting off as a Snow Ranger. I had previously worked in the adventure industry for a few years, teaching young children how to kayak and canoe before discovering the snow. I instantly fell in love with the winter work as well as the lifestyle and I have stuck with it ever since.

What made you come and work for Esprit?

I initially wasn’t aware that winter seasons existed! Luckily a friend mentioned it during the summer and I took the gamble and applied. At first I applied as a chalet host and was told I would be better suited for childcare, they were right!

What’s the best thing about your job?

The action! Everyday can be as hectic and fun filled as I can make it, turning back into a child is so easy and as long as you keep your responsible head on you, your work will fly by leaving plenty of time for you and the mountain.

What’s your favourite Esprit Ski experience?

This is a near impossible question, my entire season in Val D’isere as a snow ranger would be my favourite experience overall. If I could choose one individual moment it would be this winter just passed when I headed down the hidden valley in Val D’isere.  We were joined by a family from the hotel so I had a sense of responsibility, as well as the excitement of heading down a crazy valley filled with caves and bridges, rock drops and chicanes, it was intense but worth it, best day ever.

What’s your favourite Ski Esprit song?

The teapot song – it’s the best one ever!

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