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Wednesday 28 January 2015

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Community township Project Group Photo

This project offers the opportunity to become involved with local community work and is a great way to engage with the local South African culture.  The Community Township Project offers the chance to take part in a worthwhile and eco-friendly project.

You will be part of a community based initiative by assisting with on-going building work in the morning for a community centre in Lavender Hill, a local township. Projects Abroad aim to build a centre to house arts, culture, dance and other facilities as part of an on-going plan to improve the local area.

During the afternoons you will have plenty of time to get stuck in looking after our organic garden and researching healthy recipes to feed the children in the area. As part of the nutrition project volunteers will also be involved with educating the township people in organic food growing and basic permaculture techniques. 

Whether you are playing sports with the children, helping develop the local community centre or cooking an organic meal for the children, this project will inspire you to help the local community! You will be part of an inspirational project where you will gain a valuable cultural insight and make an impact during your time overseas.

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