Projects Abroad is now working to aid refugees in Italy

Tuesday 14 June 2016

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For more than two decades, Projects Abroad has been sending volunteers from Europe, North America and elsewhere to help improve the lives and opportunities for people and communities in the developing world. Drawing on this experience, Projects Abroad is now launching a Refugee Project in Italy. This will assist refugees and migrants as they reach the Italian coast after what has undoubtedly been a long and arduous journey from their home country.

Partnering with the Red Cross and Rete dei Comuni Solidali (Recosol), we will be working under two initiatives: first and second response. With the refugee and migrant crisis worsening by the day and the local economy suffering, volunteers are needed on this project urgently. Fresh ideas, motivation and committed volunteers can make a significant difference at a time like this.

First response volunteers will work in partnership with the Red Cross in Reggio di Calabria. Refugee boats arrive here directly, dropped off by patrolling navies and coastguards.

Second response volunteers will work in partnership with Recosol in various districts within Calabria, where refugees and migrants have been relocated and housed. Volunteers here will assist with ‘second response’ work, such as helping deal with legal and human rights matters and possible family searches in Europe. Refugees and migrants also have to attend special language and culture classes. A large variety of skills and expertise are needed at this placement. 

Join our Refugee Project in Italy and help make a difference today.

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