Interview with JCA Apprentice Activity Instructor!

Wednesday 23 November 2016

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About Me

I started work here as an apprentice activity instructor and only have a few months left until I finish my apprenticeship!  Working with children was always something I felt strongly about doing but because of my lack of experience with children and qualifications it was not as easy to do. JCA has helped me to fulfil this ambition and gain the experience and qualifications required for me to pursue a career in working with children.

Favourite part of my job

My favourite part of the job is the sense of achievement you feel after a day at work. After meeting your designated group of children, you start to notice each child changing as you teach them different activities. You become their role model and because of you they over come their fears, take part in activities they never would have dreamed of all while having the time of their lives. Knowing you've managed to achieve this as an instructor is an amazing feeling.

Best work memory

Working as an instructor gives you so many memories daily I would say having the chance to live so closely with the majority of your colleagues really makes the job. I have met some friends for life and being able to relax and let your hair down after a long, hard week at work, is such a boost for yourself and the team. A particular staff event was a recent boat party which took us down the River Severn. The event was open to all staff at Condover hall which meant you got the chance to socialise with other departments and not just activities. It was a great night and really brings the bond of your staff team together.

Why should you join JCA?

Being an apprentice activity instructor is so much fun. Starting out as an apprentice gives you the experience and knowledge required to kick start your career in the outdoors. If you want to earn a wage, gain qualifications, work with children and enjoy your job then JCA is the way forward. Unlike many of the other Activity providers we are only required to work a 5 day week, which means I have time to visit family and friends!

What do you like to do during your time off?

Living onsite means every day off is different. You get the chance to socialise with people you wouldn't necessarily speak to during work. Some days I enjoy relaxing, watching movies and spending time with people on site and other days I'd prefer to go on walks, explore the local community and find new and exciting things to do. While working at Condover Hall I have developed so many new skills and hobbies which has enabled me to be brought out of my comfort zone and participate in experiences I never thought I would!

What qualities do you need to work a season?

Working a season at JCA is both challenging and full of enjoyment and amazing experiences. You need to be confident, keen and willing to learn, as well as having a love for the outdoors and for meeting new people. You need to be a good listener and be passionate about working with children. If you've got these attributes then by coming to JCA you are on the right path.

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