The Season Workers Guide: Ski & Snowboard Courses

Many types of ski season courses are covered on Season Workers, click on each category below to see what's involved and where to find a course to suit you. You can also consult our forums and have a good look at each training company profile.

Selecting a Course

It's great that there is such a wide choice of winter season guiding, instructing, freestyle, racing and even cookery courses available. You can choose on price, course intensity, duration, qualification level, location and many other criteria. The main thing is that you secure a place on the correct course to meet your specific needs. If the type of snowsports or winter season course you need is not covered by Season Workers then let us know what it is and we will be happy to consider it for inclusion - contact Season Workers here.

Course Checklist

Once you have established a short-list of suitable courses you then need to look into what each training company is providing for your money.

Ski Season Training Companies

  • EA Ski & Snowboard Training
  • Connect Snowsports
  • Winter Sports Company
  • Oyster Worldwide
  • Subzero Coaching

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