The Season Workers Guide: Ski Instructor Courses to Avoid

You are going to invest considerable time and money into a program, so it is important that the training provider you select is able to deliver. In conjunction with Educating Adventures, we have put together the following checklist to ensure you choose the right ski or snowboard training provider.


  • Ensure the program provides guaranteed work experience as a ski or snowboard instructor
  • Ensure the company provides the required work visa and assists you in obtaining this
  • Ensure the company provides certified and experienced trainers, and that those trainers are examiners within their certification body
  • Ensure that if you want to continue in the industry that you can train towards an ‘intermediate level’ certification e.g. In the USA - level two PSIA or AASI
  • Ensure you are not paying too much for your course and you get the best value for your money. Cheapest is rarely best but don’t pay over the odds. Use sites like Season Workers to compare cost to value.
  • Ensure you pick a ski resort that will blow you away - snow, sunshine and a good nightlife!
  • Take action! Once you have found the right instructor program get in and make it happen!

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