Paid Clinical Trials

Pills and Tablets

When a pharmaceutical company develops a new medicine volunteers are required to take part in testing and studies. The aim of most medical trials is to gain a license for a new drug. Consumer product testing can also fall into this bracket as can human studies such as sleep deprivation and studying the effects of alcohol or caffeine. These studies all require volunteers to take part in trials.

You have to be over 18 and healthy. Smokers and none smokers can usually apply. You will probably have to give consent for your doctor to be contacted and there will be a screening before you are admitted to the programme (more-so for clinical trials than consumer product testing). Flu Camps are 5 to 21 day residential studies where you are infected with a respiratory virus and studied while new drugs are trialed on you, doesn’t sound much fun but you can earn several thousand pounds in a short space of time. You can earn between £70 and £250 per day and you will find that most facilities offer a good level of care and comfort while you are there.