Boost your CV with Summer Camp USA

Thursday 03 January 2019

Added by: BUNAC

Not only will you make lifelong friends, enjoy great travel experiences and earn some extra pocket money, but Summer Camp USA is also going to help make your CV shine!

Join BUNAC at their January 2019 Summer Camp Fairs for your chance to meet Camp Directors, get hired on the spot and attend a CV Boosting Workshop!

What to expect?

Our BUNAC experts, Summer Camp USA Alumni and Camp Directors will give you the lowdown on how Summer Camp USA is not only the most fun job you'll ever have, but also one of the most vaulable.

  • Learn more about Summer Camp USA and what the experience entails
  • Find out what soft skills you'll gain working at a Summer Camp and how they translate to future job roles
  • Learn how to talk to future employers about your Summer Camp experience 
  • Get tips on how best to write about Summer Camp USA on your CV to wow future employers and make your resume stand out from the crowd
  • Ask us your questions on how Summer Camp USA will benefit you and your career

Find out more about the BUNAC Summer Camp Fairs and CV Boosting Workshops

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