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Campsite Courier

There are many types of campsite courier jobs to apply for; Campsite Courier, Courier-in-charge / Senior Courier, Children's Courier, Life-experienced / Mature Couriers. Here we look at the most common one – the job of the ordinary Campsite Courier. This job is similar to a summer holiday resort reps job but with a lot more cleaning!

Campsite Couriers traditionally work for British, Dutch and German run tour operators who rent pitches for the summer on campsites in sunnier parts of Europe. They then put tents up (montage) and install mobile homes on these pitches and sell holidays in them. There are other types of company like Siblu who own the sites they operate (previously Haven Europe). They all employ Campsite Couriers during Montage to put up tents and set up each campsite, during the summer to run the sites and then during Demontage which is montage in reverse.

The courier’s main job is to prepare and clean accommodation. This consists of large tents, mobile homes and the occasional tree house. Couriers are also charged with making sure that customers have a trouble free stay on the campsite, changing gas bottles, dealing with problems, plotting booking charts, accounting, doing paperwork….. etc. As with any front line customer services job, the work is varied and does not follow set hours or even set days.

Summer Courier Jobs exist with all sizes of company and you will find most of them recruit here on Season Workers. The season runs from around April to September, with some positions running over on sites that have a longer season. Applications are normally invited from October onwards.

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Campsite Courier

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