7 Reasons to Au Pair Abroad

Tuesday 14 July 2015

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Au Pair abroad with Smaller Earth

There are many reasons to au pair abroad. Here are 7 of them just for you.

1. A regular pay packet – We would be lying if we said that money isn’t important. Au pairing is a great way to fund future travel abroad, as well as making sure you can treat yourself in your new city – you obviously need those three new pairs of sunnies and you’ve got to send that fridge magnet home for your mum. Most au pair jobs will pay weekly, with the chance to earn a little extra, so that pocket money will go a long way.

2. Immersing yourself in a new culture – What better chance to learn all out a new culture by living with a local family? Sure, you can pick things up as a tourist but by working as an Au Pair abroad you will be eating, sleeping and breathing the native lifestyle. You will be blending in with the locals in no time.

3. Learning a new language – If you’ve got the chance to pick up some language skills then that is an absolute bonus. Whether it is teaching English to your host children or just chatting to the locals, your CV will be full to the brim when you get home.

4. The food – You’ve got to be all about that pizza in Italy, we’re giving you permission to carb overload here. You’ll love lunch in Spain, a big family affair with loads of bits to snack on. Maybe Au Pair China is more your cup of tea? We’ll show ourselves out.

5. Making new friends – The great thing about living with a host family is that they will have friends or neighbours who also have Au Pairs. You can almost count on it that if you’re taking your little lovebugs to the beach or the local pool, next door’s Au Pair will want to come along. What better way to keep the cost of weekend adventures down too, by having a friend to share the price? You know what they say… friends who au pair together, stay together. Or something like that.

6. A chance to travel – If your host family goes on holiday, the likelihood is that you go on holiday too. Plus you’ll have your days off throughout your time as an Au Pair so you’ll have lots of opportunity to fit the travel side into your work and travel experience. Once your contract is over you may choose to explore more of the country you are based in, or perhaps you will want to team up with your friends and go on to new places.

7. The kids – it may seem cheesy but trust us on this one. Those kids are going to talk about their Au Pair forever. You’ve got the chance to be their fondest memory of childhood and you’ll buzz off the fact that you still get postcards from them in years to come. Your job is to take care of them, help them with their homework, enjoy some fun days out and maybe even teach them your own language too… If you’ve always wanted a mini-me then now is our chance, because these little minions are going to love you.

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