Season Workers Guides: Gap Years


Choosing the right gap year activity for you is the first step. If you follow traditional route, you will either find a good package gap year organisation or book your flights and insurance and just go it alone. Finally, checking all the dull but essential formalities are in place is an essential part of your preparation - never ever skimp on insurance whatever approach you take.

This section is designed to help you prepare properly, and if applicable, find a volunteer project or a specifically designed gap year course. These almost always involve a fee or contribution for the organised route. A gap year can also entail paid seasonal work, jobs in ski resorts, teaching English and outdoor education work. You don't have to plan the whole year at once either - why not take a seasonal job in Europe, then while you are there decide on whether you want to do a volunteer placement or work in a ski resort? Once you get out there you will be amazed at how far your personal priorities in life will change. That's kind of the point of doing it at all!

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