Gap year fundraising ideas

Get a job

So you’ve found a project, now all you need to do is raise the money to pay for it! Anyone can earn enough money as long as they are motivated to get stuck in and graft for a few months. Getting a job will prepare you for a working project better than anything. McDonalds pay ok and for a short time it can be just the Mcjob for some quick & easy cash. Of course, any temporary job does the same thing, just be careful you don’t succumb to temptation and start living the dream in the pub instead of saving up. The pubs in Australia are better! Download a McDonalds work application form here and take it into your local outlet.

Don’t want to work?

Is it right for you?
If the very idea of working turns you pale then go on holiday instead of volunteering for a project. Most decent companies need people who are prepared to give time and effort with little or no expectation of anything much in return. If you want to go and work overseas without doing a stint here to save up why not consider a ski or summer season job? Your travel is normally paid for and you are earning from the minute you start.

Fundraising and sponsorship
If you still want to do a project and you think you’ll have trouble earning enough you could try the well trodden path of sponsorship and funding. To have any chance at all, you will need to choose a constructive and worthwhile project; nobody except maybe your parents will cough up simply to get you out of the country!

There are companies, corporations and other organisations that have annual budgets for funding gap year projects. Again, this wont extend to beering it up in Playa Playa de Las Americas but for many worthwile projects that will bring you on as a person there is money available. Try Peter Kirk for an example of this; ten to twelve Scholarships each worth £1,500 are offered annually. The local route is the obvious starting point. Write a letter explaining what you are going to do, what the benefits to others are and what you hope to get out of it (don’t say ‘a suntan’ whatever you do). Send the letter, with character references, to local authorities (enquire at the town hall), local businesses and charities. Write to local papers explaining that you are looking for funding for your worthwhile year out. They may sponsor you themselves or print the story and attract other sponsors to your cause. They may also ignore you but don’t let it put you off, its all decent life experience you’ll need later on. Follow every letter up with a phone-call and don’t be scared to ask why if you receive a rejection, it will help you with your next batch of letters.

If you are going off on a gap year organised by one of the companies on Season Workers you could ask them if they have any access to handy sponsorship. Whatever you do, do your best and don’t lie to anyone either or you may end up in the town stocks.

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