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Sports instruction and working in the physical education sector suits Season Workers nicely as many jobs that come up are seasonal or fixed term. Most sports employers will require you to be qualified if you want to work as an instructor or coach straight away but some support jobs offer you the chance to qualify in your spare time for free. This kind of job can be easily integrated into a gap year (although this type of activity is by no means limited to students).

To get a job you will usually need to be over 18 (at least), and be competent in your sport (possibly two or three if you are looking at multi sports roles). You will need a recognized qualification and have a high level of competence in the activity you wish to specialize in. They will be looking for people who are tolerant, patient and above all responsible. Any planning and management role you have held in the past will help as well.

This is not an industry famous for great salaries, even Centre and Facility Managers ‘only’ earn around £20,000 which when you weigh up their responsibility is not very much. However, before you get anywhere near that stage you can have some fantastic UK and overseas based seasons doing the sport you love.

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