5 great reasons to do a ski season in Montchavin La Plagne

Friday 14 September 2018

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The ski resort of La Plagne is actually made up of 10 different village resorts, and one of the prettiest is Les Coches and its sister resort, Montchavin, known collectively as Montchavin La Plagne. It’s devoid of the large tour operators and instead has a collection of reputable, independent chalet companies who look after their staff. Once seasonnaires discover it, they just keep coming back! 

Here’s 5 great reasons to do a ski season in Montchavin La Plagne 

1. The skiing is AMAZING And that’s why you’re doing a ski season, right? A world class resort, Paradiski (La Plagne & Les Arcs) is 70% above 2000m, boasts 2 glaciers, 2 snowparks, boarder crosses and an enormous 425kms of piste to explore, for all levels. You won’t get through it in one season, and even after 10 years, we keep finding bits we’d never discovered before.

We also have simply some of the best off-piste available, including the infamous North Face of Bellecote.

But there’s also plenty of local, beautiful tree-lined skiing to discover. The beauty of Montchavin La Plagne is that it’s tree-lined so when it’s tipping down with snow and in low visibility, you can find refuge in skiing the forests.

2. It’s simply the best location in the Paradiski Les Coches really is slap bang in the middle of the Paradiski, as it is at one end of the Vanoise Express, the iconic double-decker cable-car that connects La Plagne to Les Arcs. All you need is the modern six-man Plan Bois chairlift out of Les Coches to reach the Vanoise Express and 4 minutes later, you’re in Les Arcs. Or you can choose to head into the heart of La Plagne.

And because you are based in the centre, it’s easy to reach the far ends of La Plagne and Les Arcs and get back in time for chalet service. So if you want to take fully advantage of your season Paradiski lift pass, it makes sense to stay in the middle.

3. It’s really easy to make friends The two resorts of Montchavin and Les Coches are cute with a few bars and restaurants, which often have live music. Because it’s not sprawling with hundreds of bars and clubs to choose from, you’ll always see someone you know. You can walk everywhere in the evenings, it’s super friendly and you’ll find it’s easy to make friends and skiing buddies - not only with other seasonnaires but also the locals including the ski instructors, bar owners and shopkeepers.

4. It’s a great place to learn French Whilst you can go through a whole season and not have to speak any French (outside of ordering a round of shots of genepi), doing a season is a great way to immerse yourself in French language, food, wine and culture. Although there are more than 10 British chalet firms in our resorts, there are plenty of French people to meet and practise your French.

5. It’s pretty and traditional Unlike much of La Plagne & Les Arcs, which is made up of high-rise 60s apartment blocks, Montchavin La Plagne has an authentic village feel and was originally a farming village with pretty cobbled streets. From time to time you can still catch a whiff of farmyard animals owned by the local residents in Montchavin. Les Coches was sympathetically built using local slate, wood & stone. With fabulous views of Mont Blanc, it’s hard to find somewhere prettier.

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