Best years of my life - Working seasons.

Monday 20 June 2011

Added by: Crystal Ski

Mike on a day off.


I started working for Crystal in 2007, and since then I have done 6 seasons in Austria and 1 in Italy. I’ve worked absolutely all over Austria and also on Lake Garda.

Skiing and mountain biking are the 2 most important things in my life which is why I spend most of the year in the mountains. I then progressed to Head Rep in April 2010 and now have moved into the world of Recruitment.

Getting involved in the local cultures is a must, I’ve already invested in a pair of traditional Austrian Lederhosen, and you’ll often see me out and about in them, especially at the local village festivals! You have so many amazing experiences working abroad, there are too many moments that have happened to me to be able to pick just one, one of biggest achievements was landing my first 360 mute grab or a 540 on a box. And this wasn’t even on a day off!

 My favourite day off experience was completing the “Ellmau to Pass Thurn Challenge”. We were straight at the first funicular of the day at Ellmau, and from there, we had to make our way all the way across Austria’s biggest interlinked ski area “The Ski Welt”. Once we had done this, we were a quarter of the way there, after skiing the entire Kitzbühel ski area all the way to Pass Thurn we had to make the return journey! It was a perfect day for it, the slopes were empty, the sun was shining, and the 6 other lads I were with were great fun and excellent skiers/boarders. We managed to make it back to Ellmau just as the last connecting lift was closing. Then we all sat and had a nice cold beer overlooking the whole area, right at the top of the mountain, looking back at the 80km skiing journey we had just made.

 I have always worked for Crystal in winters and summers, because the scope of jobs available are absolutely massive, and I am an example of the possibilities with Crystal to experience lots of different resorts.

Crystal are very passionate about personal and professional development, and are always dedicated to career progression in their staff which is why I am keen to work for them.

From here I’m continuing to move up the ladder abroad, and am going for the position of Resort Manager in the winter, and see where it takes me from there.

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