End of a summer season - options for the winter

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Towards the end of a season abroad or in the UK you can start looking at what to do next. You basically have two choices, do another season or go home and get a 'proper job'.

You might be able to use the experience you gained to get a better job for the next season even if you are transferring between sumer and winter resort jobs. A team leader in a summer resort will be an ideal candidate to run or operate as a very strong team member in a ski resort. This can lead to a career in the travel industry, many senior managers and directors of tour operators have come throught the ranks such is the importance of product knowledge in this field.

Skill gained from working seasons are a lot more saleable than you might think. Language skills, customer service, supervisory and people oriented experience are valuable assets if you are competing for work in the UK.

Whatever stage you are at Season Workers wishes you the best of luck. We are always looking for stories and testimonials for this site and the newsletter - good and bad experiences are equally useful. Email all suggestions to [email protected]

Our suggestion - ski chalet jobs are a very cool way to spend a winter in the Alps.