Working a summer season - the mid season blues

Rockley staff

Once you have learned all you need to know from training, and successfully got the hang of your new job it will soon be halftime and strange things start to happen. Around August time your motivation to carry on can start to slide. This is perfectly normal and is fine as long as your work or your grip on yourself doesn't start deteriorating. If you let your standards slip and start complaining to your peers you risk your general mood starting to nosedive. This will not only be detrimental to the end product of your work, but will drastically reduce your own enjoyment.

Look After Yourself

The trick is to go back to basics and look after yourself. Try to hold back a bit and not do things to excess, if you feel well physically then you generally are in a better mental state to deal with difficult situations. Try to get enough sleep and eat properly, this can be very difficult if you are repping or doing a job that involves working at night and long hours, but a few weeks of calm can be the difference between a successful summer season and an early departure.

Don't Give Up

If you do start struggling in the middle of a season you should talk to your boss or immediate supervisor. They will more than likely have experienced what you are feeling like. A rant to your parents or friends at home can help if you then leave it at that and try to push through. Once you are a few weeks past the halfway stage the blues wear off and you can start planning your next season, or at least finishing with a sense of pride that you got through it.

The end of the season will soon be here!