Working a summer season - what to expect

Cleaning staff

For many people the early summer season is tough. Resorts and centres need to be prepared to accept clients and deliver what they expect to get in return for their hard earned cash. This can quite often mean that specialist staff have to get involved in toilet cleaning and menial set up duties and the weather may well not be too different to the UK. Having said that, the period before the customers arrive is often the best laugh you will have all season so you should make the most of it. Mid season is great because you should have your job sussed and be able to balance it with time for yourself, the weather is at its best, but can be tough if not handled well (you can enjoy yourself too much!). The end is upon you before you know it. Again, Season Workers should have something to help you at every stage.

Set up and the early season

When am I going to get a tan!? The early stages of a working summer season can be tough, normally after the hype of a training course with sometimes hundreds of people doing the same as you. Reality kicks in and you start earning your keep. Definately the most important part of the season, get it right and you are set!


The mid season Blues

Once you have learned all you need to know from training, and successfully got the hang of your new job it will soon be halftime and strange things can start to happen. Usually around July/August your motivation to work, or even stay, can start to slide. You need to make sure you are eating and drinking healthily and not burning the candle at both ends too much. Try to be one of those who managed to push through it and complete the season successfully, leaving half way through looks very bad to future employers. You might try talking to your manager who will probably have been in the same situation and may be able to help.


Getting towards the end, what next?

Towards the end of a summer season you should start looking at what to do next, don't leave it too late - ski firms start recruiting in the middle of the summer. You basically have two choices, do another season or go home and get a 'proper job'. You might be able to use the experience you gained to get a better job for the next season even if you are transferring between sumer and winter resort jobs.


Next Step?

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