Working Holiday Visas to the UK

What is a Working Holiday Visa?

A UK Working Holiday Visa allows foreign nationals aged between 17 and 30 years to work and travel through the UK. The UK Working Holiday Visa is a two year visa in which travellers can work over any 12 of its 24 months. It is the perfect way to fund a holiday while living abroad.

What You Can Do

Travellers on a UK Working Holiday Visa can holiday in the UK for 24 months. The work permit on the visa allows you to work for 12 of the 24 months in any job, except if you are a professional sportsperson or intend to set up a business.

You can also leave the country as many times as you like, but your two-year visa will not be put on hold.

If you have previously held a UK Working Holiday Visa, you will not be reissued with a new one.

What You'll Need

You will need a valid passport for the period you will be holidaying in the UK. Your passport must also show you are from a country that is participating in the Working Holiday Visa Programme with the UK.

You will also need to prove you do not have any dependents with you, unless they are a partner with a Working Holiday Visa valid for the same period of time.

The immigration authorities may also ask for proof of your funds before they let you into Britain. You must have sufficient funds to support yourself without needing to access public funds.

Health and Security

The immigration authorities require you to declare your health status and any criminal offences you committed in your country of origin, before they allow entry to the UK on a Working Holiday Visa.

The Government reserves the right to deny you entry to Britain if they feel you have a medical problem that could drain resources from the health system.

The Home Office also conduct security checks on visa applicants, so it is important you declare any offences charged against you, even if they are minor. If the authorities feel you may pose a threat to UK residents and citizens, you will be denied entry to the UK.

How to Apply

To apply for a UK Working Holiday Visa, first check to see if your country of origin is a participating country in the visa programme, at the UK Visa Bureau website.

It is possible that countries outside of the list on the Visa Bureau website are included in the programme.

It is important to take the online eligibility test to see if you qualify for a UK Working Holiday Visa, and if your country is part of the programme. You can find this test on the UK Visa Bureau's website.