Ski News

10 February 2017

U.K. Hiring Fairs Announced!

Land yourself a working holiday job in New Zealand!

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Top 10 Head Turning Activites

10 February 2017

Special occasion or just looking for a slightly different activity for your day off?

Skiworld Ski Hacks: Making Your Life Easier

03 February 2017

At Skiworld we are really passionate about skiing and over the years, as a collective, we’ve picked up a few useful tricks for life on the mountain.

EA Interns Qualified and ready to start working!

16 December 2016

Lake Louise interns are Qualified and ready to start working!

New Zealand Ski Resort Hiring Fairs!

12 December 2016

Meet our hiring directors face to face this Spring!

Lights, camera, action….

29 November 2016

Its that time of the year... skiers and snowboarders are descending on snow towns around the world and EA interns are gearing up to finish training and accept their guaranteed job offer!

Oyster Winter Promotion

04 November 2016

Just to let you know, Oyster are running a very exciting promotion at the moment giving people the opportunity to win return flights to their chosen project destination.

Canadian IEC Visa Pool Now Open

27 October 2016

Want to take the plunge and move to Canada next year on a working holiday? We have news for you.

Skibound Chef progression!

26 October 2016

We spoke with one of our Skibound chefs who has worked for us for a number of seasons, to find out about his progression and experience working with us!