The Season Workers Guide: Ski Chalet Jobs

There is a lot to be said for getting a job in a ski chalet. Once you have the job cracked you will get plenty of time out to yourself (except changeover and shopping days). Chalets can vary in size from individually run chalets for 7 or 8 people, up to big 30 or 40 person chalets with specialist and management staff. The staff required obviously varies, the small chalets can be individually managed, and the larger ones will employ a permanent manager, chefs and assistants.

Typical Working Day in a Ski Chalet

A typical day will see you preparing breakfast and then cleaning up, making a cake and mid-day refreshments for clients to help themselves to, and then preparing the evening meal. You normally have the rest of the time between when you finish (10.30 a.m. ish depending on how good you get) until early evening (5 or 6 p.m.) to yourself. You will then serve evening meal, and depending on the size of the chalet and company procedure, sit down and eat with clients.

Transfer Day

On transfer days you normally give the chalet a good clean out, change linen and prepare for your new arrivals (who really can arrive at any time – early if they are coming on the snow train to the Alps). At the next convenient moment you usually have to take your guests to collect their ski gear from the hire shop. Sometimes the ski resort reps do this, it depends on the company set up and the volume of arrivals.


Someone, be it the chef, chalet manager or chalet rep, needs to produce a shopping list to budget for the week. You will normally then go down the mountain into the dull real world to a supermarket to collect your supplies. This does vary enormously between operators, but you get the idea.

You usually get one group per week or fortnight. Main duties include cleaning, catering and general customer service. You will usually have to accompany guests to the welcome meetings if your company has them. For this minor inconvenience, you might get a free drink and it usually turns into a session so make sure the evening meal is prepared well in advance.

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