Ski Jobs Guide: Catering Support Jobs

Girl cleaning kitchen

Catering support jobs in ski resorts are most common in organizations that operate large chalets or hotels (and of course in mountain restaurants). These positions do afford a good amount of time on the slopes but often involve unsocial hours and have a traditionally high staff turnover.

Kitchen and catering support staff support the main catering staff during meal times, as well as undertaking a range of other catering and cleaning tasks. You won't earn your fortune but get in with the right company and you should get food and drinks, your ski pass, equipment hire, medical insurance, and maybe even transport to and from resort included in the package. Some companies operate additional performance-based bonus schemes which are awarded at the end of the season.

Prior hands-on experience in the hotel and catering industry in waiting on tables, cleaning, chamber maiding etc is of course highly desirable and language skills never hurt but really these positions demand a really good attitude more than anything else.

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