Background info for the most popular summer jobs

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The work can be hard and customers seem to spend most of their time trying to make your life difficult but the sun is shining so who cares! There are many opportunities in the summer which range in how much customer contact you want to have but inevitably, with summer seasons being mostly tourism based, almost all jobs are in hospitality and customer service. There are picking jobs and trade work but not as much as there used to be. If you get work with a tour operator they usually have a few different types of job (up to 20+ in some cases) so with some operators there is a chance of transferring from repping to looking after kids for example if you make a bad initial choice. Better to get it right first time though.

Holiday Resort Jobs

Reps in any holiday business are the main point of contact in resort for paying clients. You will be expected to troubleshoot problems, deal with difficult requests and usually sell ‘in resort extras’ like excursions and nights out, which you will normally have to organise and run as well. Day to day duties may include running airport transfers on change over days (can be a very very long day), and will include ensuring generally that clients and staff have everything they need. There are lots of different kinds of repping jobs and the work generally varies with the clientel. This means that there is a type of position for just about anyone, from Club Rep jobs through to working with operators who offer specialist holidays for retired customers.

Tour Guiding and Group Leader Jobs

Campsite and Holiday Park Jobs

There is a broad range of jobs in this area with many different companies. The largest are Holiday Break, Siblu, Vacance Soleil, Al Fresco/Homair and Canvas Holidays but there are a great many more and most of them advertise jobs here on Season Workers. Between them they employ literally thousands of staff each summer to look after their clients on self drive holidays to Europe. Duties can range from managing an area of a site, to operating childrens clubs, cleaning and even providing specialist activities such as fishing and outdoor educational programmes.

Campsite Courier Jobs

Summer Camp Jobs

Every year around 10,000 people travel accross the Atlantic to work on an American Kids Camp and even more stay here to fill vacancies in the UK Summer Camp Industry. Jobs range from activity leaders and kids counsellors (nothing to do with psychology) to support staff like handymen and kitchen workers. At the end of the season they usually work it so that you have enough time on your visa and enough money in your pocket to travel.

Summer Camp Counselor Jobs